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Success and Failure

The devil’s really been trying to tempt me to think that I’m a failure. In the eyes of the world and its measures of success (along with many Christians’, I might add), I stink. I haven’t held any job post-college for more than 2 years. I have no pension into which I’m currently paying. I … Continue reading

Operation, Design, and Frustrated Love

So I was outside earlier (a gorgeous day in Syracuse, NY!) attending to the lawn.  While I was thinking about the mower and trimmer, it struck me that we, as human beings, are creations just like this object in my hand.  We, unlike the mechanical device in my hand, have the capacity to reflect God … Continue reading

Temptation: the Devil’s Guilt Trip

So today, the first thought I have on my mind is temptation.  I was thinking a lot about this topic yesterday as I was out for a walk around town, and I ended up penning a song about it just last evening.   Lord, please give me Your words for Your children today: those who already … Continue reading