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Application of the Golden Rule: Some Real-Life Communication

So, I’ve been realizing something about the Golden Rule lately; it requires a bit of forward thinking! In the years that I’ve been following Christ, I’ve transitioned from needing to be heavily discipled by others, to entering into more of a period of enjoying peer fellowship, to now having attained the degree of maturity in … Continue reading

God is Angry

God is angry. Yes, He’s STILL angry. And the object of that anger? It’s sin. So, if you or I are the ones that DO that sinning, then He’s angry at our sin, and since we’re the ones who chose to do it, HE’s ANGRY WITH US.  God is Holy.  He is perfect.  He is without … Continue reading

Busting Out of the Wilderness:

Lord, may these words bring encouragement to your servants, especially the one whose writing this!  May your wisdom outshine the sun and drown out all the darkness in your children’s lives.  We thank you Father, in the name of Jesus Christ: Amen. ——————– So I’ve been owning something in my life lately.  I’ve been in … Continue reading