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Application of the Golden Rule: Some Real-Life Communication

So, I’ve been realizing something about the Golden Rule lately; it requires a bit of forward thinking! In the years that I’ve been following Christ, I’ve transitioned from needing to be heavily discipled by others, to entering into more of a period of enjoying peer fellowship, to now having attained the degree of maturity in … Continue reading

The Lord Answers Prayer. He REALLY Does.

I haven’t been feeling the best lately, folks.  I can’t explain it, but I’ve been feeling a high level of fatigue for weeks on end. I’ve tried different diets, more and less sleep, more and less exercise, etc. etc. and nothing seems to shake it.  It’s even begun to affect my attention during conversations and … Continue reading

Purposeful Beauty

Beauty with a Purpose So, I was walking down the street today, (like many days lately, since I am currently without a vehicle) and the beauty of the white blossoms in the otherwise sterile metropolitan environment.  Then, a blurb from an old Creed song popped into my head.  Go ahead and take a moment to … Continue reading

Cycles of Deliverance: Huh?

I have heard the phrase ‘cyclical deliverance’ in Christian circles before, and I figured it was a Biblical concept.  This morning I feel the Lord pressing on me to show how and why from the Bible itself! Father Yahweh, may these words reflect Your words, wisdom, and heart and may any that don’t not cause … Continue reading

Even Sickness as a Blessing

I know some word-of-faith-er’s might not like what I just wrote, but I swear it’s true!!  If you’re offended, please keep on reading and hopefully we can undo that as quickly as we just gone on and dun it!   Father Yahweh, please fill me with Your wisdom, Your words, and Your ways only. May … Continue reading

Temptation: the Devil’s Guilt Trip

So today, the first thought I have on my mind is temptation.  I was thinking a lot about this topic yesterday as I was out for a walk around town, and I ended up penning a song about it just last evening.   Lord, please give me Your words for Your children today: those who already … Continue reading