SEANWAY is a Christian artist with a heart after God and a voice some have compared to Brad Nowell (Sublime), others to Curt Cobain, and still others to Jonny Lang or John Mayer. Seanway’s songs are mostly pop and folk influenced, but with some other flavors mixed in as well.

Growing up in Syracuse, NY, Sean began his musical journey by singing along to oldies radio with his Mother as they went around town doing errands. In his early teens, Seanway developed a taste for then-modern popular and alternative rock, soon became part of the burgeoning punk scene in his hometown with his band, Anarchy Joe. Heavy metal fascinated Seanway with its pulse-pounding rhythms and he tried his hand at that during this time period.

While in college, he briefly studied jazz guitar. Afterwards, Seanway developed a fondness for folk music a la Bob Dylan and Sheryl Crow and eventually found himself wishing he had lived in the 60’s and 70’s. After a Classic Rock-inspired period with his then-band, The Zen, Seanway developed an interest in understanding Reggae and Classical music.

From that day to this, Seanway has been fascinated with singing and crafting songs that get stuck in people’s heads AND make them the better for it While at OCC, Sean met up with now close friend David Diez Perez who now enthusiastically provides the percussive backbone. Without further adieu – we present SEANWAY.

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