God’s Judgments are His Mercy

Sisters, brothers… Believers in the Lord Almighty and His Only Begotten Son Jesus whom He gave to save us from our sins; I say to myself and I say to you: whatever affliction is facing you right now has been allowed by the Lord. Although Satan has temporary authority on earth given him at the fall of mankind in Eden, even this ability is an allowance of the totally sovereign one: Jehovah.

Please be encouraged; the God of Jacob, God of Israel, God of Abraham and Moses is the same one and true God who runs the universe today. Whatever test and trial you are facing today is still evidence of the Lord’s mercy towards you. No matter how long and difficult it may be (and I’m sorry that you have to go through it at all, from a human standpoint), it’s not as bad as hell’s torment would have been (separation from God and His unconditional love), nor do you have to face dying forever (the second death). Hallelujah!

Any hard circumstance may be treated as a chastening from the Lord Almighty. Though we have repented of the sins of our youth and even done so some time ago, the Lord in His wisdom may choose to allow circumstances to come upon us as discipline for them. May we receive His messages loud and clear and fully repent for our sin, despising even the remembrance of it! We must come to a place of trusting the Lord’s providence above our expectation of ‘what I think life ought to be like’; it’s in this place, this place of true faith, that I can walk free of the burdensome mindset that this circumstance is bad and this one is good, etc., and enter into the rest, the mind of Christ that says and trusts fully that God works all for the good according to His purposes for those who love Him.

Do we love Him above our own desires for peace, safety, financial prosperity, gainful employment, a good reputation , comfort, and ease? If we don’t yet, Our Father would like us to and He will allow circumstances that encourage us to think about these things.

By Jehovah’s grace only, and not by any good that any would think is resident in Sean K. Conway by his own human power, God DID NOT deliver me from some of the worst situations I’ve had to face. Only in these places have I learned the wisdom of the Father as outlined above; as a God-sought, God-forgiven, God-made tabernacle of His glory, I am NOT ENTITLED to any of the gifts of His grace. I am merely a needy recipient if whatever gifts He’ll pour out in whatever time frame he chooses to lavish them. All of God’s promises are, ‘Yes and Amen, but their fruits are not necessarily for enjoyment before we should pass beyond this life, this world, this place and time, and on into the new heaven and new earth of God’s Kingdom Come.

Though I am now a new creation in Christ, therefore the bearer of His righteousness, I ought not impatiently expect the Biblically-promised blessings of God right now, but hopefully await their manifestation in God’s perfect timing, whether it be now, later, or in Glory.

I say all of this to me first and those of you who might read second.

With the Love of Christ Through Me,

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