Operation, Design, and Frustrated Love

So I was outside earlier (a gorgeous day in Syracuse, NY!) attending to the lawn.  While I was thinking about the mower and trimmer, it struck me that we, as human beings, are creations just like this object in my hand.  We, unlike the mechanical device in my hand, have the capacity to reflect God in our emotions. We CAN get properly and in a healthy way frustrated when something doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do: a car to travel, a mower to cut, etc.   This holy frustration, when used in a glorifying way, causes us to move forward, taking the steps to fix the ill-working item.


Oh, church, how the Lord’s PLANS FOR OUR VERY LIVES are frustrated when we don’t do what we’re made to do: worship Him and glorify Him at all times and in all ways!  May we be frustrated when He is frustrated and how he is frustrated, and may we allow this Holy Frustration, a ‘symptom’ of the fear of the Lord, cause us to be moved to action.  May we be frustrated with our sins enough that we will frustrate the plans of the enemy by STUBBORNLY REFUSING to give in to temptation because of our passionate love for our Father and His ways…and in this entire process, may we be eager to let our Father fix our wagons, too 🙂


Just a quick thought for today ; glory to His name!


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